KC Vietnam Hospitality

KC Vietnam Hospitality

Địa chỉ: Khách sạn Tecco Đồ Sơn, Hòn Dấu Resort, Khu 3, Vạn Hương, Đồ sơn, Hải Phòng
Điện thoại: 0899250085 Quy mô: 50-100 người
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Warmest Greeting from KC HOSPITALITY Vietnam!

Let us take this opportunity to introduce to you the services provided by KC HOSPITALITY.

KC HOSPITALITY prides itself with a vibrant, dynamic and professional staff led by highly qualified management of International professionals consisting of expatriates and local executives who are expertise in the fields of hospitality and corporate management, skills training, human resources development and language education and trained managers who oversee carefully selected and talented employees.

Since the beginning of 2010 KC HOSPITALITY has inaugurated its KC HOSPITALITY Skills Training & Brand Consultant to get into the emerging tourism industry in Vietnam. KC HOSPITALITY work closely with the professionals of the industry to analyze the market trends, the customer’s expectation and the urgent need of the owners and investors so that it caters efficient consultancy in training and management to help the industry in increasing the standards of operation. Besides training and operation consultation, KC HOSPITALITY has created and develops a pool of qualified applicants under its Dream Jobs brand to supply the demand of manpower among the properties. We recruit, train and develop applicants who have graduated from local and international tourism institutions to equipped them with on-hand experiences, skills, work attitude, enthusiasm and professionalism to set them success in their chosen career path as well as shifting up the operation of the industry.

With your dedication to invest in this field, you’ll notice something special when discussing with us - something that sets us apart. With our professionalism enthusiasm, you’ll find not only a corporate partner for a debut on business result efficiency but something more: a spirit of personalized and genuine caring and multilateral benefit between the investors, management, staff of your property, your guests, our local community and the consultant alike.

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